Pathway to Ownership Program

Our Pathway to Ownership Program offers Vermont Towns, Schools, Hospitals, and Businesses the opportunity, at no cost, to enjoy energy savings by  participating in one of our solar projects. In this program participation also includes a future purchase option.

How it works:

A solar array is constructed on the customer’s roof or adjacent land with no upfront costs. For the first 10 years the array provides a guaranteed energy savings for every solar kWh generated. At the end of year 10, while the system is still generating roughly 90% of its original output,  the customer has an option to purchase the system at a fair market price, which historically has been significantly lower than the original construction costs. Alternatively the customer can simply continue to receive savings for an additional 15 years.

This program is designed for the customer who desires immediate energy savings today, but would also like have the option to consider ownership in the future.

We provide free consultation services to review your site or roof and provide you with a detailed proposal of how we can size a system for your needs both now and in the future.