Savings without Cost Program

Through the Vermont Net Metering program we are able to provide direct and long-term savings to hospitals, schools, businesses, and municipalities by matching them up to one of the numerous solar PV generating sites we are developing throughout the state. By simply agreeing to indirectly utilize the solar electricity generated at one of our sites the “Host” is guaranteed savings by reduced electrical coast along with long-term predictable energy rates without any capital outlay, and at the same time supports the expansion of clean solar energy.

This program provides the host with a guaranteed savings of at least 10% to what the market rate for power is for a term of up to 20 years. In many cases, depending on the rate that the host currently pays, the savings can be as much as 15%.

The diagram below shows how the net-metering program works and how this savings is passed on to the host through a net-metering agreement with both the project and the host’s utility provider.
Please contact us to find out more about how this program would be able to save you money on your electric bill by utilizing clean solar energy.

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