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Savings without Cost Program

Through the Vermont Net Metering program we are able to provide direct and long-term savings to hospitals, schools, businesses, and municipalities by matching them up to one of the numerous solar PV generating sites we are developing throughout the state.

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The Pathway to Ownership Program

Our Pathway to Ownership program offers a host who has land or roof space available the opportunity to own the solar system after enjoying many years of the solar energy and the associated savings. This program allows a solar generating

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Landowner Participation Program

Landowners in Vermont can participate in the solar revolution by participating in one of the numerous programs we offer. Whether enrolling a non-productive piece of land into one of our long-term lease arrangements or outright sale, we work with landowners

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Consulting Services

Novus Energy Development and its affiliates are also available as consultants to develop projects for companies or institutions that are interested in ownership. This process typically starts with a reasonably priced feasibility study to determine the viability of a project

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